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Renovation project Italy with a project supervisor

Taking over a renovation project in Italy with help of a professional Project Manager

Yes, a project manager is exactly what a foreign home owner needs in Italy if he has bought a property to be renovated. Before taking over a restoration project,  your first step should be to create your network of reputable professionals such as “geometra (surveyors)”, architects, builders etc…However, it is not easy to find the most experienced people you can relie on, especially if you do not speak Italian fluently and cannot be on site during the renovation works. Therefore, it is vital to hire a bilingual project manager with years of experience in the construction field who is able to supervise your renovation project on a start to finish basis . The project manager will be your right-hand man in the entire process; this to avoid considerable time, money and stress. The supervisor assists you and visits the site on a regular basis, speaks to the geometra, the engineer, the architect, the builder and provides detailed progress reports with photographs via email.

But not only ! A renovation project supervisor is an independent person hired to represent your interests, making sure the work is done according to your plans. To do so, the supervisor monitors the project and ensures compliance with established contracts, budget, specifications and takes appropriate action in case of discrepancies. In general, the supervisor also acts as liaison with all the companies involved in the project by overseeing their performance. Therefore, it is highly recommended to contact a professional project manager before starting all the procedures.