prepare your home for sale

Decided to sell your Italian holiday home? If so, remember: presentation matters!

How to prepare your home for sale

Selling a house isn’t quite as easy as sticking up a ‘for sale’ sign therefore, after having focused on understanding the local market, learned how to get the best price and contacted the right agents, it is now time to make an effort to show your home at its best.

Why home presentation is so important

Buyers are coming to look around your property. Don’t let them imagine how good it could be: show them!

A first great impression is very important to rise the chance that buyers come back with an offer on your property. Here are some tips how to turn it into the best marketable home.

To do list

Make the mental decision to “let go” and concentrate on the fact that soon this house will no longer belong to you.

Focus on handing over keys and appliance warranties and instructions to the new owners.

De-personalize your property and create a mood. Make buyers imagine themselves living in your house. Remember that less furniture will make the rooms appear bigger and brighter.

Consider to remove certain pieces of each rooms and replace your personal pictures with photographs showcasing your garden in the summer. If you wish, you can attach cards to items and in rooms that provide additional information to the buyer.

Make your living room appear romantic by placing two champagne glasses on the table or near your fireplace. In the bedroom, put a breakfast tray on the bed containing a coffee cup, a napkin and a newspaper. Update your bathroom by clearing off all toiletries, medication and make up that seem to accumulate and hang up clean towels. Clear away everything on kitchen counters.

Think of doing some minor repairs such as replacement of cracked floor tiles, patch holes, fix doors that don’t close properly, paint the walls if necessary, replace burned-out light bulbs.

Wash all the fixtures inside and out. Wax floors, dust furniture, polish mirrors and air out. A new welcome mat for the front steps would be appreciated.

Externally, mow the lawn and make some maintenance at your garden. Plant flowers and update your front porch area or any access paths.

Quality pictures for advert

Take quality pictures of your property inside and outside, focusing on its features. To do so, it is strongly suggested to hire a professional photographer with an extensive experience in estate pictures.

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