The role of the “geometra” in Italy

geometra in italy how it works

Who are you, geometra?

Many of my non-Italian clients often ask me “what is the exact role of a geometra? Do I really need her\him? ” I must say there is a lot of confusion about this term, as there is no exact equivalent for such a profession in most countries. The geometra is a professional who mainly operates in the construction industry, topographic and estimate field. He is a specialist who surveys, evaluates properties and refers to possible problem.

Is a geometra really necessary or can I avoid to engage one?

Yes, it is very important to hire one when you buy a home or if you plan to renovate a property in Italy. The geometra will first take a visit to the local town hall (comune) and Land Registry office (catasto) to collect all papers of the house and then he will carry out a structural survey on the property you are in process to buy. This is why, when you put an offer on a house in Italy, make sure that the purchase proposal contract states that it is conditional to a complete survey from a geometra. If, after the survey, the geometra informs you about any relevant negative legal or structural issues, you will have the right to withdraw from the purchase. However, a geometra can also be asked to finalize small renovation projects. In this case, his role is the same as the one of the architect, and he is in charge to submit the project to the authorities and ask for building permissions. However, for bigger projects, remember that a civil engineer is required to sign the project. Also, the geometra cannot take responsibilities for big renovation projects and new construction developments. Those kind of works can only be approved by engineers and\or architects.

Lastly, remember that and Italian geometra must be registered at his professional association, access to which is delimited by a state exam.

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