The Italian tax code (codice fiscale): why you need and how you get one

What exactly is the Italian tax code “codice fiscale”?

As a foreign buyer, one of the first things you will need when you purchase a property in Italy is the Italian tax code (codice fiscale).

It is an alphanumeric identification code and is similar to a Social Security Number card in the US or National Insurance Number in the UK.

When do you need an Italian codice fiscale?

An Italian codice fiscale is required for several things, including:

  • Purchase or rent a property in Italy
  • Opening a bank account
  • Settling-up utilities
  • Bnroll in the Italian health care system
  • Buying a car
  • Sign an employment contract of any kind
  • Sign a contract with an insurance company

How to apply for an Italian tax code

You can apply for your Italian tax code at the Revenue Agency offices in Italy (Agenzia delle Entrate).

Outside of Italy, you can apply at any Italian Embassies or consular representatives.

As an alternative your property management company can obtain a codice fiscale on your behalf without the need to deal personally with it.

The Italian tax code certificate is usually issued on the spot.

What are the requirements to obtain an Italian tax code?

If you are an EU citizen or come from a country from which a visa is not required in Italy, all you need is your valid passportto apply for an Italian tax code.

If instead you need a visa to visit/stay in Italy, you will need a visa also to apply for an Italian tax code.

Important: check your code!

Once issued, it is important to check your new Italian fiscal code and make sure all details are correct. Mistakes are unfortunately not uncommon, especially when foreign names are involved.

If you need assistance to obtain your Italian tax code, please contact us. For further information, please email 


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