All what you need to know about wooden properties in Italy

Are wooden homes better than brick homes?

The true art of wooden buildings are the old rustic mountain or countryside barns, built more than a century ago.

Buy and renovate a barn, converting it into a comfortable holiday home is a dream for many people. There is constant growth in terms of quantity of wood constructions in Italy, which is now on fourth place in Europe and therefore, a clear evolution in this particular product market.

What are the benefits of building houses out of wood instead of concrete?

Wood has proven to be a very good solution for renovations, refurbishment of existing buildings, extensions or general maintenance works. What are the specific advantages of using this material?

–       Wood structures are light: they are easier and quicker to build and have lower transportation requirements;

–       Best energy efficiency: wood requires little energy and it is possible to safe up to 80 percent;

–       Good natural insulating method against heat, cold and noise: wood is cheaper and quicker to insulate. There is no need for thermal breaks since the wood itself is the thermal break;

–       Costs: wooden constructions are cheaper;

–       Earthquake-resistant: wood has been used in 70 percent of post reconstructed houses following the earthquake in Abruzzo

–       Microclimatic properties: wooden buildings boast natural cool temperatures in summer and warm temperatures in winter

–       Moisture prevention: Wood naturally absorbs moisture and releases it when the air is too dry

–       Natural and renewable material: Wood reduces the negative environmental impact

How can I find the right company to build or renovate my wooden home?

In Italy, there are many specialized companies that deal with this type of construction and it is not easy to choose the right one. It is suggested to do a bit of investigation before signing a contract with a company.

In particular, it is recommended to check the level of experience and customer satisfaction of the builder.

A professional property manager can help. In fact, thanks to its extensive network of contacts and knowledge of the market, a property manager is able to do the company research on your behalf, provide the best quotations and assist during all construction phases.

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