What to do when urgent property repairs are needed and you are not there

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I am not at the property, so what should I do now? First thing: Do not panic!

If something gets damaged at your Italian property while you are away, getting urgent repairs can be difficult, especially if you decide to search for a plumber, an electrician or a locksmith by yourself on the internet and without knowing the Italian language.

If you have hired a property manager who supervises your property during your absence, it is probably him that calls to inform you about the problem, and it will be his duty to solve the issue in the shortest period of time.

Property management companies have extended networks of contacts they can call when emergencies arise and therefore, they are able to arrange an inspection with a professional within minutes.

But what if I do not have a property manager yet?

If you do not have your trusted property manager in Italy but were informed that your alarm, water, plumbing or heating system was seriously damaged, it is strongly recommended that you search for a property management company straightaway. We suggest to avoid to look for a plumber, an electrician or any professionals on the internet without any references and with no knowledge of their professional background in Italy.

In addition, remember that if you do not understand Italian fluently, there can be misunderstandings when explaining the problem f.i. over the phone which could cause additional delays.

A qualified property manager instead, is the one who can immediately deal with any emergency at your property and send you a written report after the repairs.

What can I do to avoid SOS repairs at my home?

Unfortunately, emergencies can always occur and it is difficult to predict them. However, you can reduce the risks by following two fundamental rules:


  1. keep the property in a good state of maintenance and cleanliness
  2. comply with all building, health and safety regulations that relate to the property.


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