The Property Manager: the best way to keep your home safe when you are away

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Purchasing a property abroad is one thing, but who does maintain it while you are away: the answer is the property manager.

When it comes to buying properties internationally, it’s easy to dream of sunny balconies with views over the sea or a beautiful typical landscape. But there is an important factor to consider: what if you can’t be there to look after it all the time??

Consider hiring a professional property manager

Property caretakers are necessary resources when you own a holiday home abroad. A property manager performs all routine upkeep, inspects the property and sends detailed reports to homeowners.

Common problems such as roof leaks, electrical or plumbing issues can arise when you are away and therefore, it is indispensable that you are assisted by a trusted person who is equipped to manage all kind of difficulties on your behalf.

Decrease the possibility of future problems and ensure that your property is not left to deteriorate over time

Not only SOS repairs. A property caretaker is essential for your garden, land and swimming pool maintenance, for periodical house inspections, payment of your bills, check of the utility systems, assist with laundry and cleaning service, deal with the admin of renting out the property when needed and complete any other task required to keep the house in top condition.

Engaging a reputable property caretaker who supervises the whole running of your property, reports any issues as soon as they happen and make sure reparations are carried out accurately helps you to protect your investment and reduces the risk of serious damages which would be impossible for you to take care of while you are abroad.

Therefore, only if you set up a well-organised property management plan you can lower costs and reduce time and stress to a minimum. Having someone trusted who looks after your overseas property is probably what’s best for you.




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