How to furnish your new holiday home in Italy? Your property manager will assist you!

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Congrats for your new Italian home

Your dream has finally come true. Now it’s time to furnish and decorate the rooms.

Ok…but…where do we start? There are various options and much depend on budget and vision how you want things to look.

Spending your money the right way buying stuff in Italy while you live abroad is a huge task, especially if you do not understand the language and you do not know the best shops. A professional property manager will be happy to assist you and give important suggestions. According to your taste and budget, the property manager is able to propose the best furniture stores where you can get great items at the best price and/or for less. He/she will speak to the store managers, architects and interior designers on your behalf therefore, make sure he/she has understood your vision and full wish list. Also, the property manager will plan the delivery at your house and send you reports with pictures when the house is fully furnished and ready.

Free or second hand furniture?

If you consider free furniture, ask your property manager to check the local groups on Facebook and/or other socials. and newspaper advertisements. Same is for second hand stuff: he/she will suggest the stores in your area and go for an inspection.

Remember, furnish your Italian home with help of a property manager makes a big difference when you live abroad and/or need to stay within budget. Contact us for more details:

Tip: in Italy, when buying a property, furniture (including kitchen) is usually not included in the asking price unless clearly stated in the adv. However, this can be part of negotiation. If you would like to have some furniture items left by the vendor, make sure it is written in the contract when putting an offer on the property.



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