Garden and land maintenance at your holiday property in Italy

Garden and landscaping Italy

Make your garden look nice all year round

Whether you have bought a property in Italy with a small garden or a huge size of land, it is important to maintain your outside space to a very high standard. The look of external areas make a big reflection on your home.

This is why, if you can’t do it yourself, it is essential to hire a specialized company and make sure it always looks its best. A qualified property management company can help you with this as he is able to suggest a multitude of garden maintenance services, ranging from simple to bespoke design projects.


Whether it’s cutting grass, trimming or planting flowers, the first step is to keep your garden well-maintained all year round therefore, it is essential that you discuss a tailor made plan with your property manager consequently to a property inspection.

He will be responsible that all works will be done on time throughout the months.


If you feel your garden looks empty and dull, consider to landscape and transform it into a luxuriant area.

If you can’t do it by yourself, your trusted property management company in Italy will be happy to carry out the job on your behalf and/or suggest the best tips how to dig up your garden, edge new beds, site plants, control weeds, spread mulch, water it, fertilise it, buy garden furniture and everything you need to know to keep it green and growing to its fullest potential.

Deck, patio, porch and veranda maintenance

If you have bought a property in Italy, it is most likely that it comes with some outside space, as you probably want to spend time with your loved ones outside, with a couple of wine glasses, a few steaks on the grill and why not, some nice music. To do so, remember that external decks, porches and veranda need adequate maintenance and knowledge. Therefore, make sure you hire qualified workers who use the right products and materials. Local professionals will carry out the renovation or maintenance according to your taste so you can rest assured that you will be enjoying your new porch or veranda for many years to come.

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