A revolutionary “plant system” to save on property maintenance costs

Eco-friendly homes: Green vegetation to apply on walls and roofs to save up to 15 % on property costs

It is a revolutionary “plant system” that can be installed on house walls, roofs and terraces to create an insulated bearing.

A brand new green home concept that mixes the beauty of the countryside with the love for the environment and the necessities to make savings on expenses connected to utilities.

How does it function and what are the benefits?

Vegetation is able to mitigate temperature peaks during the summer. This by capturing the most part of solar energy that no longer hits the building (with a reduction in temeprature of 3 degrees).

In addition, vegetation can dissipate a big quantity of thermal energy through the evapotranspiration.

This quantity would otherwise be absorbed by the building and be released in the form of heat inside the property.

In addition to the improvement of thermal-acoustic insulation, this solution also boasts advantages for the entire urban contest.

But there is more…in fact, these green walls also allow to cushion possible water bombs. Applying more vegetation can absorb up to 50 percent of rain water.

Types of green walls

Susanna Mariani of Enea, national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development is currently testing three types of green walls: Extensive, light intensive and intensive.

“We have a particular interest in the experimental use of indigenous varieties such as climbing or evergreen plants and rare wild species”, says Susanna.

Furthermore, these species guarantee the highest biodiversity safety, are adaptable to various climates and are resistant to summer dryness.

Green investment and money saving

Thanks to vegetable and climbing plants to be installed over walls, roofs and terraces it will be possible to save up to 15 percent on property maintenance costs.

In conclusion, green-friendly homes are real dream homes for nature and green lovers who are forced to live in town.


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