Spring maintenance checklist for your property in Italy

Spring is the perfect time to do some maintenance at your Italian property

Whether you have decided to put your house for sale, rent it out for the season or simply enjoy it yourself, it is important to do some regular maintenance and we at Italy Property Service are happy to give some advice on where to start and what to do.

Essentials for your spring property maintenance

The following jobs are best done during warm months and include:

  1. Air Conditioner

Clean your air conditioner. You can do it by yourself or contact your air conditioning contractor or property manager.

  1. Hot water heater

Clean the circulating pump and motor. If needed, you can contact your trusted “caldaista” or again, your property management company in Italy.

  1. Gutters

Pull the leaves, run a hose on the roof and check if there are any leaks.

  1. Roof

Proper roof cleaning is important to prevent fungus spreading across of it, stains from algae spores, moss etc. Choose a cool day, then mix a cleaning solution to spray onto your roof. Otherwise, you can contact your property management company in Italy.

  1. Windows and doors

Check if there are any holes, clean inside and outside.

  1. Bathroom

Bathroom maintenance is essential to avoid problems related to plumbing, leaks, mould, and mildew.

  1. Deck, veranda, porch

If your property comes with a deck, veranda or porch, check if they need to be weather treated and clean them carefully with proper products.

  1. Landscaping

Whether you do it yourself or you call your Italian property manager, make sure you trim all overgrown plants and remove weeds.

  1. ItaSprinkler system

Check if your sprinkler system is operating efficiently by running it entirely, one zone at a time.

  1. Floors, concrete and walls

Check your floors, concrete and walls for any cracking or deterioration. Call your property management company in case you need help or advice.

If you need help or assistance with your property maintenance checklist in Italy, do not hesitate to contact us at info@italypropertyservice.it or visit our website www.italypropertyservice.it.