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Find out how to get connected to utilities in Italy

What to do when it comes to utility connection in Italy

Once you have bought your dream holiday home, connecting utilities in a foreign country can be difficult, especially if you do not know the language. It is recommended to hire an Italian property manager who does the work on your behalf.

But, let’s walk through some necessary information and requirements for switching on utilities when you have purchased your property in Italy.

If you take over utilities from the old owner, ask the person not to cancel the contracts, as it is easier than asking for new accounts to set up. Ask the previous owner for a copy of the last bills paid and read the meters together to avoid extra charges.


The national company who provides power in Italy is ENEL. You can visit the local Enel office directly or call the general number 800 900 800 to request a new contract. Standard electricity supply is 220 Volts (V), 50 Hertz (Hz).

Documents needed:

Italian codice fiscale

Contract and documents of the property with all details

Identity card or passport

Client number of the previous owner

Amount of power required (3 KW, 4 KW or 6 KW)

Current meter reading

Bank details, if payment is to be by direct debit from a bank

Address to which the bills should be sent

Please note that property owners are free to choose other electricity providers available in their town.


Regarding water supply, it is important to know that every town has its own company with different policies. Prices depend on rainfalls and reserves and you will generally receive bills twice a year. Should you need extra water (for example for big garden irrigations or swimming pools), there will be additional costs.

It is suggested to contact the local commune for information about the local company.

Documents needed:

Italian fiscal code

Identity card or passport

Previous bills form the old owner


Town gas is generally available in towns and in the outskirts and is used for appliances and heating. Gas water heaters need to be serviced.

To get connected, you need to read the meter and contact the competent company. Costs depend on usage and bills are bi-monthly.

Documents needed:

Italian fiscal code

Identity card or passport

Details of the property

Meter registration number

Gas tanks can be generally found in the countryside and are stored at a safety distance in the garden. You can ask your commune or check internet to know details of the company who provides tanks and delivers gas in your area. Bottled gas is usually kept under the sink in the kitchen and is used for cookers and to produce hot water. They can be purchased at the supermarket or petrol station.


Waste collection and recycling

 In Italy, garbage system is different in many areas and is managed by the local town hall according to national laws. Many towns have opted for recycling services and domestic collection schemes. Periodical bills arrive directly at home. Contact your town hall to get guidelines for the local waste collection system.

Phones and Internet

Telecom Italia is the national supplier for landlines and internet. You can call the general number 187 to request a new telephone or internet contract and tel. number. After few days, a technician will visit your property to arrange for all connections.

Documents needed:

Italian fiscal code

Identity card or passport

Other available companies for both telephone and internet are Vodafone, Tre, Wind, Fastweb, Tiscali, etc. However, check first if those companies cover your area.

How to pay for utility bills

You can pay your bills at the postal office through pre-printed forms which usually arrive with the bills or per internet with credit card or bank transfer.

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