Reasons why you should choose Italy Property Service


We are in the real estate for many years, assisting foreign clients with their renovation projects and taking care of their holiday homes when they are away. We perfectly understand how difficult it is to manage all this without knowing the Italian language and without a trusted company who basically does all the work on their behalf.


We at IPS have all the necessary resources required for a renovation project or holiday home caretaking service. In fact, we have selected a network of certified and trusted people (gardener, surveyors, engineers, builders, architects etc…) we collaborate with and who share the same principles and values with us.


We aim to add value and not complications. We ensure transparent pricing prior to starting our work and explain you step by step all the procedures of your renovation
efurbishment project or holiday caretaking package.

We are passionate

Being passionate is much more than just liking our job. We believe that success does not come only from what we do, but how well we do it.

Quality AND seriousness

We specialise in property caretaking, renovation supervision and offer renovation projects for sale in Italy

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Who We Are

Italy Property Service is an agency specialising in holiday property caretaking, supervision of renovation and refurbishment projects for our clients abroad who own a holiday home in Italy.

Our extensive range of property management services provide clients with peace of mind when they are away and guarantee quality service, flexibility and absolute discretion.

If you are looking for a qualified holiday property caretaker or professionals who are able to take care of your home renovation or refurbishment project in Italy, consider working with a company like IPS. We would welcome the opportunity to work together.

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